Friday, July 10, 2009

A self-proclaimed sucker for deals

The Buffalo News' discount diva has nothing on me.

I'm on the Discover card website to get my 20% cashback reward on my purchase. I see a link stating that if I blog about my experiences, I can get a $50 gift card? Heck yeah! Here's my entry!

It's simple. I log into discover's website. I click on the website link through the site. I do my shopping. I can even use other promotion codes, like emailed ones for free shipping. I pay with my discover card, and the next statement or two I get a bonus cash back reward, anywhere from 5-20% back depending on the site.

This past spring I went on a binge shopping trip at Lands, and bought $379.14 of clothing (I know, I justified it by working overtime, and I love their fine gauge sweaters!). I used the code Lands End emailed me for free shipping as well, and when I received my bill at least when my husband said "you spent $380 on clothing???" I could respond "yes, but It came with free shipping and look, Discover gave me $38 cash back!"

It's a vicious cycle. The more I shop the more money they give me. I now have $100 in cashback rewards, which I can redeem for a credit on my account, or I can redeem it for $125 in gift certificates to Lands End (evil grin on my face :-).

I've gotta get back to more shopping!

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