Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Pharmacy action

Here's a few goodies i'd like to share from the pharmacy. This was all over the last month or two, but you still deserve to read it:

-I realized that 9 out of every 10 people that complain about Obama and his government-run insurance plans either have Medicare part D or Medicaid.

- I had an old man tell me that we shouldn't have the condoms sitting on the shelves like that. He then told me that I should be walking around the store with them and randomly dropping them into our senior citizens' carts.

- A six year old boy was telling me that he was no longer having a birthday party. His mother sheepishly said "someone's not having a party because they drew on the leather couch with permanent marker." To which the kid replied "I didn't do all of it at once".

- I had a kid who couldn't have been older that twenty ask me with a Russian accent what we have over the counter for enhancement. "down there". Why someone your age would need this, I don't know.

- I had a medicaid patient come in for Plan B. This was her third time in 4 months. I asked her what she's using for birth control, to which she replied "I've been too busy to schedule a doctor's appointment". Girl, you're 20 years old. Learn how to make a damn appointment like the rest of us. It's not like you're too busy working, otherwise you wouldn't qualify for medicaid. Get off your back, close your legs and go make an appointment before we have to pay for another medicaid baby.

The last post reminds me of a favorite patient quote:
"If my daughter doesn't have her birth control she'll get pregnant!"

Is it wrong to superglue a medicaid patient's legs together?