Sunday, August 23, 2009

Workman's comp rant

I feel bad for people that get injured on the job and need to get their medications filled under workman's compensation. It's a real pain in the arse. Your doc gives you a script for the injury. You go to fill it, and woah... hold up... you thought you'd be getting it filled? Your comp needs to verify that your doc isn't just giving you drugs for fun, it has to be related to your comp claim. The drug needs prior auth. Comp needs to contact the adjustor, the adjustor needs to contact the doctor, and so on. According to them it should take 24-48 hours.
That's just what you want to hear when you're in pain RIGHT NOW.

I have one woman who has been waiting 3 weeks for comp to authorize her pain med. Keep in mind in my state scripts for controls expire after 30 days. Thankfully she doesn't use it very often, because this happens every month!

I go to run a refill for celebrex for another woman and get a DUR reject. I know from getting this reject before that they want the doctor to consider a generic COX II inhibitor. Comp is required to pay for whatever the doctor writes for this comp claim, but they still pull this crap. Why the hell are you (cough_express scripts WC_cough) having me do your dirty work? I've called this doc enough to know that yes, they wrote for celebrex because they want celebrex, not some generic.
Congratulations, you have sunk to a new low on a Friday (daytime) when you kept me on hold for 2 1/2 hours. I hung up. I tried to call to tell you what the doctor wanted, but I suppose this is your new crappy way of preventing people from getting their maintenance pain medications. Saying that you suck would be a compliment.

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