Saturday, August 1, 2009

Advice for druggies

Here's some advice for all the addicts out there- ER docs do not write for a month supply of Lortab. If you think you're being clever by adding a zero to the end of what was originally #12, then you are going to go from getting 12 tabs to ZERO tabs.

I was off on the day this guy came in, and he was fully expecting 120 tablets. He even had the nerve to ask for the original twelve tablets!


I almost wish he came in on my day off. I have fun with people who try to pull one over me; I make them wish they never came to my pharmacy. If he asked me to fill it for the original twelve tablets after altering it, I would tell him my dilemma. If I fill it, I would be filling a script that has been altered in an attempt to procure additional tablets. Altering the script is against the law. If he asked me to fill it I would have to call the cops. Did you still want me to fill it?

I wonder if anyone would say yes?

It's been a slow week at the pharmacy. The most action I've had was a man in his fifties telling me that he loves his wife very much, but he had to let me know my teeth were very pretty, and that they were pearly white. This is from the same man who asked me a year ago what I do to get my hair to fall into place so perfectly. (For those who don't know me, the answer is: not much.)

Ending on a good note: a regular came to the counter for a pickup, she saw my name tag and said "you're the one I speak to on the phone all the time. You're always so helpful and nice".

Ma'am, you made my day.

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