Monday, September 21, 2009

Lady, I want to help you find your birth control rx.

I had a woman call and try and get a refill on her birth control rx. I tried looking up her name, and couldn't find it in the computer system.

What's the rx number? She tossed out the rx label.
What's the date of birth? Still cant' find you.
Did you change her last name? nope.
This is the location by the water. You sure you meant this call this location and not the other two in this town? No, she swears it was at this location.
This is such and such pharmacy. Are you sure it wasn't at Rite aid, CVS, or Walgreens? Nope, she swears it was at this location.
You tell me that you had your daughter's rx filled here. I see her rx. I try searching for the address and phone number. I can only find her, not you.
Do you have the bag tag or info sheet that came with the rx? Silly me for thinking that.

I tell her that we keep a permanent record of every transaction ever submitted, and that if she ever had a prescription filled here, even 10+ years ago, we would have it. Since I am finding nothing, she must have had the prescription filled somewhere else.

Listen, don't throw a hissy fit because you don't know where you filled your prescription. I suggested she call her insurance (medicaid) to see if they could help her locate her her rx, or she could call the md for a new rx.

And get this- she tried calling back two hours later, and then three days later, trying to get the same rx filled. Sorry, scripts don't just magically appear and disappear. My job is dependent on filling scripts. I have no desire to lose, toss or eliminate scripts. Why would I do that, then offer to do the extra work of calling your doctor for you to get a new script?

And for the love of god, please keep your legs closed until you find the rx.

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