Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry i'm not a phonebook?

I had a woman call me trying to find the phone number for new Walgreens a few miles away.  I knew the phone call was not going to be pretty as soon as the woman started complaining about how long it takes to go through all these automated messages

Two facts you must know: 
1.  the specific pharmacy opened within the last few months and I have not had to call them yet, and
2.  I do not work at a walgreens.

I tried to tell her that I did not have their phone number; big mistake.

"What do you mean you don't have their phone number? you're a pharmacy!  You have to have it!  How do you get a hold of them?"

I'm sorry that I haven't had to transfer any rx's from there yet!  I explained to her that I would have to contact another Walgreens store to see if they could give me the number to the new store.  I started giving her the number to the Walgreens across the street, and she interrupted me mid-number saying "I SAID I NEED THE NUMBER FOR THE OTHER WALGREENS, NOT THE ONE HERE."  Again I replied "I don't have their number", to which she politely slammed the phone on the receiver.

Have fun dealing with the automated message at the next pharmacy you call, b!tch!

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Grumpy, M.D. said...

Such B.S. We get that crap, too. People who expect us to be information central about other docs. I love it when they call US to ask if Doctor X, across the street, takes their insurance. When we tell them to call Doctor X, they inevitibly say they don't know his phone number.

Look it up. You've got phone book. It's not meant for stuffing turkeys.