Friday, February 6, 2009

Lying gets you nowhere

---disclaimer- I am aware there are plenty of people with legit pain problems who are not trying to abuse the system. This post is about the 1% of abusers that make life that much more difficult for the other 99%.

You come to my pharmacy counter with a prescription for Lortab. You want this filled as cash.
Do you have insurance? of course you don't. You lost it a few months ago. At that point I ask for your ID. Sometimes I get lucky and you hand me a medicaid card as ID. No ID, no controls.
You're new to our pharmacy. Have you had this before? No, of course you haven't. Every doctor starts their patient on Lortab 10/500 four times a day #120.
I tell you it's going to be at least 15 minutes so you hopefully don't hover around my counter and observe my every move.
You set off enough red flags to make me think something is amiss. I get a reject saying this was just filled recently. People like you are the reason why I get along with the other pharmacists in the area. Turns out, Medicaid just paid for a 30 day supply of the same medication at the Rite pharmacy down the street, SIX DAYS ago.
The problem is, if you have medicaid, you are required to get all of your prescriptions filled under medicaid.
What? you lost that last bottle of lortab and your doctor said it was ok to get the rx filled again? Great! I'll give them a call and document the conversation. What? you don't want me to call your doctor? Then i guess you're not getting this script filled here.

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