Thursday, November 6, 2008

I can't make this stuff up

Have you seen those Simple Save pharmacy discount cards recently? They're everywhere. I've received two of them in the past week, one in a coupon mailing, and a second one with my national fuel bill. If for some reason you have yet to receive one of these, I'll explain how they work. They are not an insurance card, and they do not pay anything towards your prescription. we submit your prescription information to this carrier, and they have a "negotiated" price- basically they tell us how much we can charge you for a specific drug. It's usually less then our cash price, and will save on average 10-30%, more on generics.
I had a woman come in the other day. She seemed smart, until she started talking.

Me: How can i help you?
Patient: I have this card and i would like to get these two prescriptions filled.
Me: (running scripts through) the ambien generic will be 9.99, and the retin-a generic will be 63.57.
Patient: They're not free?
Me: (????????????????????????) why would it be free?
Patient: the card says "present your FREE drug card to the pharmacist"
Me: The card is free, you don't have to pay for the card, but you will still have to pay for the prescription.
Patient: that card is misleading, it says free, it shouldn't say that.
Me: It says on the card that they can save you 10-30% off prescriptions. It is only a discount card, not insurance.

(apparently the simple save card is too complicated for most people to comprehend)

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